Auto Dealerships

In today's competitive market, auto dealers must not only close sales but keep their customers coming back for service. Solution One makes it possible for any auto dealer to offer their customers a branded "owners group" experience that will encourage them to remain loyal throughout the car ownership cycle.

Land New Customers

Auto dealers can stand out from the competition -- even from their own brands -- by offering customers true value-add when they purchase a car, including membership in an exclusive "owners group" and gifts such as savings on travel and merchandise. Solution One can provide that turn-key experience for dealers and their customers.

Increase Service Revenues

The service department is a critical element in any dealer's success. Solution One can help clients fill their service bays with incentives that provide a competitive advantage over the least expensive alternative.

Maintain Loyalty

Keeping customers loyal between car purchases is perhaps the car dealer's greatest challenge. With a branded "owners group" managed by Solution One, car dealers can maintain close ties with customers between purchases. When the time comes to buy again, the dealer will surely be "top of mind". 

Increase Revenues

Solution One's incentives can also help dealers make more money from every sale. Incentives can specifically target Value-adds such as extended warranties, maintenance agreements and financing, contributing to the bottom line.

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