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Solution One Partners provides property managers with the tools they need to provide a competitive advantage over competing properties, reduce tenant turnover, increase referrals and keep renters happy. 

Acquire New Renters

Prospective tenants are far more likely to sign on the dotted line with incentives, including discounts on the products and services they will need in their new home. Solution One Partners provides property managers with a wide array of promotional and closing incentives at no cost to them!  

Reduce Turnover

Valuable incentives can significantly offset the monthly rental cost for tenants and increase the likelihood they will renew their lease. And providing these incentives costs the landlord nothing!

Encourage Referrals

Happy tenants are a landlord's  best marketing tool. Travel and merchandise incentives encourage residents to "spread the word" on social media and suggest  that friends and family become neighbors. Better yet, Solution One provides these incentives to clients at no additional cost.

Motivate Employees

Successful properties rely on their staff to keep their residents happy. Solution One offers exciting engagement solutions that motivate staff to provide great tenant service while fostering a  productive work environment.  In many cases, Solution One provides employee incentive programs at no additional charge for its award clients.

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