The Wine Visa

Solution One Partners has developed a unique and effective way for wineries to reach millions of members of loyalty and reward programs at a very affordable cost: The Wine Visa.

What is The Wine Visa?

The Wine Visa is an exclusive club  designed especially for members of loyalty and reward programs who love wine, including airline frequent flyer programs, hotel guest programs and members of the loyalty and reward programs administered by Solution One Partners. Members receive special benefits and recognition at participating wineries or when they purchase wine online or on-site from them.

Members are also eligible for discounts on travel, merchandise, local merchants, movies and thousands of events nationwide, can save them many times the cost of membership each year.


How Does It Work?

Participating wineries agree to provide special benefits to holders of the Wine Visa when they visit the winery or purchase wine on site or online. Benefits may include discounts on wine purchases or wine club memberships, "one cent shipping" on all orders, free wine flights at the tasting room, special tours or other benefits offered by the winery at its discretion.  Members present their card or membership numbers when they visit the winery or its web site.

Solution One Partners administers the program on a turn-key basis for wineries, including marketing to millions of members of loyalty and reward programs.

How Much Does it Cost?

For 2018, there is no cost for wineries to join the program. Wineries pay Solution One Partners a small marketing fee based on their sales through the program.

How Do I Join?

To join the program, simply contact us using the link below and a client success manager will get in touch with you.

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